Distrik Seni X Sarinah: Berdikari!

A masterpiece representing the history and ecosystem of today’s leading Indonesian art, packaged in the Berdikari exhibition!   Sarinah is not just a nostalgic figure for Sukarno, but has also become an ideology that symbolizes a down-to-earth economic system like Sarinah, a foster mother who cares for him, nurtures and protects, and teaches partiality to people.   The theme of the Distrik Seni X Sarinah: Berdikari! portraying Sukarno’s dreams and ‘Sarinah’ as ideologies is no longer just a dream – but an urgency, especially in a society that is still undergoing a pandemic in this third wave. Jakarta as the epicenter where its citizens have gone through various losses and downfalls, will keep trying to rise and be empowered.   Inviting selected artists and art collectives to respond the theme of Distrik Seni X Sarinah: Berdikari! in their own ways, as a sign of the spirit of the Indonesian art ecosystem and creative economy. ARTISTS: A.D Pirous, Sunaryo, Dolorosa Sinaga, Sri Astari, Gardu House, Rux Container, Tromarama, etc.   On-the-spot tickets are available in the counter at 10.00 AM-10.00 PM WIB   Ticket information can also be accessed through www.distrikseni.com


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